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The table below lists the available license categories and prices. Within each category, multi-user discounts are available.

If you plan to use a raw device such as a tape drive, the Professional license is required. Otherwise, the High Security, Multi-OS license is recommended.

For a full comparison of the features available within these categories, please see the feature matrix.

LINUX $3.99 $9.99 $18.99
WINDOWS $3.99 $9.99 $18.99
MAC $5.99 $11.99 $20.99
MULTI-OS 4,5 $7.99 $13.99 $25.99
PROFESSIONAL 4,5,6 n/a n/a $39.99

To obtain a license7 for the unbreakable ciphers, please select one of the secure payment options8 below:

Buy now with Amazon Buy now with PayPal

1. Licenses the use of the Data Encryption Standard (DES) ciphers within PDS.
2. Licenses the use of the Triple Data Encryption Algorithm (TDEA) and DES ciphers within PDS. TDEA is also known as Triple DES, TDES, 3DES and DESede.
3. Licenses the use of the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), TDEA and DES ciphers within PDS. The NIST selected the Rijndael algorithm as the foundation for the AES.
4. Licenses the indicated cipher(s) on Linux/Unix, Mac and Windows operating systems.
5. Available in discounted multi-user licenses.
6. Licenses the use of the AES, TDEA and DES ciphers with tape devices.
7. Licenses to enable the unbreakable ciphers are not available in all countries. As discussed on the Get Started page, the export administration regulations (EAR) from the United States Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) control the deliverability of encryption products, to include the PDS licenses that enable the unbreakable ciphers.
8. Licenses are available from Amazon and PayPal. With Amazon you will need an account in Amazon's "US region". With PayPal you need to be a resident of Canada or the United States. It is expected that licenses will soon be available in additional countries.

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