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We strongly believe in the privacy of the individual - that's why we created Personal Data Security.

When it comes to this website, our goal is to safely guard your privacy as we would our own, handling and maintaining only the minimal amount of information necessary.

One example of guarding your privacy is our use of cookies - we don't use 'em. ;) Instead, we use PHP sessions during the course of e-commerce transactions. A session id is not a persistent tracking tool. The only caveat to this are Amazon and PayPal, which will use a cookie if you login to them via this website.

Another example of guarding your provacy is our choice to use trusted e-commerce vendors (Amazon and PayPal) instead of doing it ourselves. In using vendors that we both trust to process the transactions, we never see your method of payment, so there is no way that an attacker could hope to obtain of your credit information from us, either during the course of the e-commerce transaction or subsequent to it. You can feel better about that, and so can we.

For residents of countries other than Canada and the United States, the Bureau of Information Security regulations requires that we report those purchases annually. For that reason, and only that reason, we collect your name and address after an e-commerce transaction has been completed.

All information that is transmitted between your web browser and this website is encrypted for privacy using TLS. All servers facilitating purchase transactions are maintained in a secure data center. When information leaves the data center for business continuity reasons, that information is always encrypted, using SSL when the data is in transit and AES when the data is at rest.

Parts of this document are subject to change. Significant changes will be communicated to all affected parties.

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