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Linux/Unix Release


"Personal Data Security (PDS2) is a free and cross-platform software project written in the Java programming language and designed for all sort of security-related tasks, including encryption of folders and files, password generator, note protector, as well as a storing solution for keys and other important files."

Mac OS Release


"Within the Personal Data Security (PDS2) main window, you can choose to encrypt or decrypt individual files or entire folders. The app will place the encrypted files in a location of your choice, which proves very useful if you decide to run the app from and USB drive.

At the same time, Personal Data Security (PDS2) comes with a notes editor and is capable to quickly encrypt all your entries. The app works with plain text notes, but you can also opt for the styled editor that enables you to change the text color and size, and allows you to include basic formatting styles (bold, italic, and underline)."

Windows Release


"The software tool worked smoothly in our tests. It encrypted and decrypted data fast while remaining light on system resources consumption."


Wikipedia article on file and directory encryption

Wikipedia article on encryption software

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