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About PDS Software Solutions LLC

PDS Software Solutions was created to manage the global distribution of PDS.

The founder of PDS Software Solutions LLC (PDS3) is not a cryptographer, but rather is experienced in operations, storage, security, development, penetration testing and also data encryption. His experience includes leading the QA team in testing an enterprise class key management solution for remote agents - the Sun/StorageTEK Key Management System (KMS), for releases 2.0 & 2.1. The test suite used for QA included functional, negative and penetration tests, and also included validation of the interoperability between the KMS cluster and the remote agents - which at the time were encryption capable StorageTEK tape drives.

Based on his desire to bring high quality encryption to personal data security in the form of an application that would run on the majority of operating systems, the effort to develop PDS began several years ago - the result was a 1.0 release. After a several years of use and a collection of much needed improvements, the effort to create a 2.0 began in earnest.

With the 2.x releases available, PDS3 will continue to manage the global distribution of PDS, ensuring that secure, unlimited cryptography can be easily utilized where allowed by law. In addition, we also look forward to bringing new features to PDS that are sure to expand its reach.

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